Amazing Tricks for Cleaning Your Bathroom

When looking for quick and simple tips for a clean bathroom, the first step is to consider how the room is treated. Toxic cleaning products should be kept away as far as possible. Natural products like vinegar and baking soda are far better options. They make the bathroom smell fresh and leave a long-lasting residue that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Dishwashing With Baking Soda

A very economical alternative to using store-bought dishwasher detergent is to make your baking soda and eucalyptus oil. Mix equal parts of baking soda and oil in a spray bottle, and spray over the surfaces you want to clean with it. Use a white cloth or paper towels to gently rub the solution into the affected areas to eliminate any soap residues. A tiny drop of eucalyptus essential oil placed inside a dark cupboard with wooden pieces can keep away bugs naturally. You can also add some tea tree oil if you want to keep bugs away from the shower curtains or the bathroom sink.


Sprinkle some salt over any spots that get stained by urine, along with a little bit of vinegar. Then, using a mixture of half water and half vinegar, wipe down all of the bathroom’s bathtub, sink, shower, and toilet areas. This cleaning product is also great to use to get rid of soap scum that forms on shower curtains or tiles.


You can also remove nasty stains that occur from dried-up meals or desserts. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar, and use this solution to wipe down any countertops and sink. Before using this solution, though, be sure to wear protective gloves so that your hands don’t get red and burn. Using this soda and bleach combination to get rid of food stains may seem like a waste, but sometimes it’s necessary to get rid of the stain to ensure that the rest of the area looks nice.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If you’re looking for a great natural cleaner to use to clean bathroom tile, grout, or shower walls, then you should read this next tip. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Spray this cleaner onto any discolored areas of the wall or shower floor, and then let it sit for at least a half-hour before you rinse it off. The hydrogen peroxide will react with the grease and grime on the tiles and get rid of the unwanted stains from your bathroom.

Bottom Line

Bathrooms are probably one of the most used rooms in the home, so you must spend a few minutes each week cleaning them to clean your house fast. Professional cleaners will have the knowledge and expertise needed to safely and effectively clean your bathroom. If you’re not comfortable with cleaning your own home, then consider hiring a professional cleaning service to help get your toilet cleaned every week.

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