Top Tips for Transforming Your Kitchen

Are you ready to spice up your cooking space, but not sure where you should start? This post will narrow down things for you so that you make sound decisions during Kitchen Design Perth. These are some of the ideas you should consider.

Center Island vs. Peninsula

kitchen designIt is a good idea to go for a center island if you need your kitchen to be a hangout center. Ideally, an island allows you to enjoy your cooking as you talk to people. Ensure there is at least 3 feet between the cabinetry and island to ensure all doors, appliances, and drawers can be opened completely. On the other hand, you should go with a Peninsula style if you have a small kitchen. In fact, a U-shaped Peninsula serves the same purpose as an island. Moreover, it will provide you with an extra preparation room in a small space. Ensure you treat your kitchen as you will do with an island by adding architectural details and painting the base.

Wood vs. Lacquer Cabinets

If you need a flexible option that can be refinished, repainted, and restained, then choose wood. The good thing about wood is that it will hold up to massive daily traffic. It provides your kitchen with a cozy feel, makes your kitchen feel warm, and works well in rustic, modern, retro, and country kitchens. That makes it a perfect choice for homeowners who want to change their style.

If you want a contemporary kitchen with a high-end look, then get Lacquer cabinets. Other than being easy to clean, they are less forgiving as compared to wood. If the finish gets damaged or chipped, the entire door ought to be replaced.

Paint vs. Wallpaper

If you have a small kitchen that can become overwhelmed by busy patterns, then you should choose paint. The good thing about paint is that it is foolproof and can add character to a kitchen. It is a good idea to get paint that resists moisture and has a wipeable sheen. However, if you want a trendier look, then you should get the wallpaper. The good thing about wallpaper is that it hides imperfections on your walls.

Cabinet vs. Open Shelves

Cabinets are ideal if you want to spend adequate time stacking dishes after dinner. Remember that in a kitchen, you deal with many components that are likely to create visual clutter. To give your cabinets an airy feel of the open shelves, you should paint them with a color that matches the tonal variation of the countertops.

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Things to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchen cabinet design provides a lot of options for remodelers to find cabinets for their new kitchen. Knowing the basic elements of design helps you to simplify the decision and narrow array of options. The others are taste and style.


quality kitchen cabinetsYou need to choose the right material for building your cabinets. The material is an important decision you will make because the style and design of the cabinet is an important factor determining the design and style of the kitchen. As far as the material is concerned, you have a lot of choices to consider. Stainless steel and aluminum metals are both expensive and heavy. The good thing about metal is that it can be painted in different colors. Also, these cabinets show signs of dents and dings if they are hit. That explains why metal is not a popular option for making kitchen cabinets.

Nowadays, you can get cabinet makers who use wood combinations to make less expensive cabinets. In this case, they use pine and plywood. Others use composite or particleboard materials. Wood cabinets can be painted in the color you want. Also, you can use a matte finish or a glossy finish.

Solid wood is a commonly used material for making kitchen cabinets. Some of the most expensive woods used include walnut, cherry, oak, and maple. It is a good idea to consider the grain of the wood, finish applied, and color. Better cabinets are finished with coats of polyurethane to protect the wood. You should note that solid wood is the most popular kitchen cabinet design option.


Usually, low-quality cabinets are joined with nails, glue, or staples. These are not advisable in a kitchen under heavy use, as they will not last. Ensure you get cabinets that are joined with dovetail construction. In fact, this is an important aspect of construction.

Door Style

stylish kitchen cabinetsThere are various designs and types of cabinet doors. For instance, a contemporary kitchen needs a flat panel door design. Other cabinet designs include frame and panel, beaded frame, reveal-overlay panel, beadboard panel, and cathedral panel.


These are basic elements when it comes to kitchen cabinet design. The most common accessories include handles, knobs, specialty modifications, and accessibility options.

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